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The Many Hats That I wear!

I like to think of myself as an outstanding juggler keeping the cycle going with my writing, homeschooling my youngest daughter, teaching and taking care of my home and our Airbnb. Some days one feels like Superwoman but on most days I'm just a mother who loves writing and teaching!


My debut novel was published in June 2017 and has garnered some great reviews on Amazon since then.


The fading lights of the departing train force Josephine Trent out of the shadows. She can barely stifle the scream that rises to her throat as waves of self-loathing, relief, and pain, threaten to smother her. Her actions leave her in a state of shock and disbelief, as the image of her baby being snatched out of her hands, manifests itself before her eyes.
This desperate step of hers sets off a chain of events that will plunge the lives of Josephine and her daughter Sarah Jane, into an abyss so dark, the annihilation of two beautiful souls is inevitable.
From the bylanes of Calcutta to a boarding school in the hills of Khalebhung, the poignant lives of mother and daughter are laid bare.

You can buy your own copy on Amazon or read Leaving Sarah for free here :



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