The Road Less Traveled

Many aspire to get into the big Ivy League colleges of the US, like Harvard, Yale or Brown University but only a few succeed year after year. Many desire to be on Wall Street working with the big names in Finance but again only a few are hired, and still others dream of getting a plum assignment with the UN with a posting in Paris or New York, but wait an eternity for such an opportunity to knock! So what happens when a person has all the above? Wouldn’t he be content? Settled?

For Manish Jain, this was not the case.  Manish decided to leave it all behind to go back to the grassroots and relearn the fundamentals of life from his grandparents in Udaipur.

What made him do it? Read more about my interesting conversation with Manish and his wife Vidhi here.

The Learning Societies Unconference

I was also part of another initiative co-founded by Manish Jain and others; The Learning Societies Unconference, a few years ago. My experience at this unconventional gathering of so many kinds of people left an indelible impression on my mind.


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  1. Worry will creep into your mind, allowing you open to second guessing your plans.
    You should start the search from the places which are near for you and then go far
    off the lot.

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